The Montclair Ski Club

New for the 2010 ski season!

A brief history

The Montclair Ski Club (MSC) is a restricted membership club that was founded in 1947.

A picture of the lodge under a ton of snow, from March 2001.

In 1959, the club built a ski lodge at the base of Mad River Glen in northern Vermont. The club is focused on providing avid skiers and their families with a warm, caring environment where personal relationships are valued. Currently there are several second and third generation club members.

Membership in the club is restricted to 100 active members who are expected to participate in a variety of ways, including serving on committees and boards, helping to maintain our lodge and representing the club to the outside world. MSC is a member of the New Jersey Ski Council and encourages its members to participate in its activities.

Social activities are also a focus of the ski club. An annual Christmas party, a summer picnic, a wine and cheese party, bike rides and an annual September trip to a camp in upstate New York are highlights.

To become a member of the club, you must be sponsored by a member, complete several tasks during the applicant process, be recommended by the membership committee and receive a positive vote by the membership. The process usually takes a year, assuming that there is an opening on the active membership list.